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Aquablast provides effective cleaning, cutting, demolition and excavation services using high-pressure water jets. We offer a full suite of services and have capacity to handle requests from start to finish.

Our consultative and proactive approach means that we work with you to identify the best methods to employ in order to achieve your project goals.

We are dedicated to finding environmentally-friendly and safe solutions to help your project succeed.

Hydrovac, Hydro Excavation and Daylighting

Hydro excavation is a faster, safer and more accurate alternative for removing earth than traditional or mechanical methods. It is used to dig around sensitive infrastructure by using high pressure water to uncover and expose underground utilities and pipelines. Vacuum or some form of air conveyance is then used to transport materials to a storage tank.


Aquablast offers 24/7 hydro excavation services utilizing the latest technology available in the industry. We frequently use our hydroblasters and our high volume flushers in conjunction to provide a turnkey procedure.


In addition, the hydrovac services at Aquablast are certified by the Ministry of the Environment. Our Hydrovac trucks are equipped with multiple filtrations systems to ensure the best eco-friendly and cost-effective solution possible.


By leveraging our hydrovac trucks together with water blasting units, we are able to provide quick and efficient digging services without causing damage to existing pipes, cables and utility lines, all with minimal impact to the environment.


Our hydrovac trucks are used for a variety of wet or dry vacuum services, including post hole installation, catch basin maintenance, storage tanks, fuel and/or oil tanks, filter beds, dust collection systems, drainage systems, evaporators, process lines and more.

High Pressure Water Jetting, Cleaning and Cutting

We use pressures of up to 40,000 PSI for powerful cleaning, cutting and demolition services. Aquablast maintains a fleet of mobile water blasting units. Combining water jet cutting with an abrasive material makes short work of metal and composites while producing considerably less dust than other methods. Water pressure for each project is carefully selected to match the surface and materials being removed. Lower PSIs are used when cleaning lighter materials such as brick to reduce the effects on the surface underneath.


High pressure water jets are friendly to the environment, have limited risk for damaging structures and are easy for personnel to operate.


An additional benefit is that water jets commonly eliminate the need for anyone to enter a tank, reducing concerns related to confined spaces.


If there is an occasion when entering a tank is necessary, Aquablast Personnel are qualified and trained in confined space entry.

Heat Exchanger & Pipe Cleaning

Nothing boosts heat exchanger efficiency and uptime like water jet cleaning. Aquablast can quickly assess a need and then apply pressure water jets between 10,000 and 20,000 PSI to quickly remove deposits.

Tank and Tote Cleaning

High pressure water jets can be used to clean tank reactors and totes in a fraction of the time needed for manual or caustic cleaning.


  • Surface preparation
  • Removal of build-up or graffiti
  • Tank cleaning & preparation
  • Food processing & assembly lines
  • Cutting manways to tanks
  • Cleaning tanks and floor cutting for plate removal.
  • Paint shops & car washes
  • Manufacturing & industrial plants
  • Scaffolding cleaning
  • Hazmat abatement

Dry Ice (CO2) Blasting and Cleaning

This method uses small pellets of Dry Ice or CO2 as a blasting medium propelled with compressed air to clean surfaces.


Dry ice blasting has become a popular method of cleaning around sensitive material and equipment as it minimizes waste, reduces downtime and saves money compared against alternatives.


A softer alternative to sandblasting, Dry Ice can be used for delicate surfaces for gentle but effective removing power.


Additionally, dry ice blasting is an eco-friendly option as it uses natural materials that produce less waste and doesn’t create a secondary waste stream.


The properties of dry ice blasting make it a good fit when cleaning delicate surfaces, and is commonly used within the municipal, food, industrial, electrical and environmental industries.


The ease of use and lack of harmful byproducts also make dry ice blasting a regular choice within various industrial, commercial applications, such as removing graffiti and build up from interior or exterior walls, and cleaning equipment under demanding industrial environments.

CCTV Pipe Inspection

Aquablast uses highly mobile camera solutions to investigate confined spaces and transmit images back to the operators. This service is an ideal solution for diagnosing issues within sewer, water or gas mains. The technology used is able to navigate around bends or other difficult obstacles, giving a full look at the situation while keeping workers out of harm’s way.


CCTV Pipe inspection technology can be used to inspect and uncover a variety of defects, including:

  • Blockages & disruptions to flow performance or drainage
  • Cracks & structural defects
  • Issues with corrosion or rust
  • Leaks
  • Sizing issues
  • Various potential hazards

Safety & the Environment

Each team member at Aquablast is trained on essential safety procedures and potential hazards associated with their work.

We are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact by minimizing waste through our services.

Toronto Transit Commission

Over 1.6 million passengers ride the TTC subway cars, streetcars or buses to get to their destination on an average business day.


Customer for over 20 years with various projects. Services provided nightly.


Primarily unclogging drains at track level and escalators, as well as garage cleaning and smell management. As an added challenge, there is often only a small window of time to provides detailed services since the TTC operates for most of the day.


With a full line up of services, Aquablast is able to serve as a true problem-solving partner that can come up with a solution for any request. Dedicated staff and a familiarity with the requests helps Aquablast provide a detailed and efficient service.

Services Needed

  • Hydrovac services to unclog drains.
  • CCTV Pipe Inspection services to provide visual verification as proof of completed work
  • General maintenance tasks related to cleaning


Aquablast’s dedicated services along the TTC to keep daily operations running smoothly, while also helping with smell management throughout Toronto’s busy commuter system.

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